Cecil Woods

Web Developer with very broad IT experience, skilled in assessment of client needs and requirements. Creator of many viable internet solutions from concept to implementation and management. Excellent self starter on new projects or great creative addition to a talented team.


  • UI - HTML, HTML5, XML, CSS, CSS3, Photoshop, Adobe CS Suite

  • UI Scripting - Javascript, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, JSON, AJAX

  • LAMP - PHP, PHP OOP, SOAP, MySQL, Memcache, Nginx, Apache

  • IIS - Classic ASP, C#, ASP.NET MVC, Razor, VB .NET,
    .NET Framework 4.5, MS SQL Server, mySQL

  • GIS - Geographic Information Systems, WMS, WFS, REST, ArcGIS, PostgreSQL, Open Source, MapServ, OpenLayers
  • APIs - eBay, PayPal, Authorize, Stripe, Facebook, gAnalytics,
    Amazon S3 Storage / EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud)

Recent Project

FreeBSD zfs, Nginx (clustered), mySQL, Memcache, PHP, jQuery, fb API, eBay API, PayPal API and Custom CMS Backend.

Designed and created all aspects of website excluding creative works (templates)
 Systems Engineering

  • Server - Linux, FreeBSD, Windows NT4, 2k Server, 2003 Server, 2008 Server, 2012 Server

  • Network and Hardware - RAID, RACK, Routing, Wiring, Firmware, Wifi, Design, Windows Desktops, Linux Desktops (KDE, GNOME), Custom PC Building, Implementation and Administration

  • Client - Infrastructure and Software Consultation, Troubleshooting, Seek Improvements for optimum usability and suggest possible courses of action


Nationwide Environmental Title Research - IT Director [ 2012-Current ]
So much

Certified Technology Services LLC - Developer / Systems Engineer / Owner [ 2003-2012 ]
Internet Systems Development and Consulting using various technologies depending on clients needs and requirements. For example, my previous lengthy contract lasted 2 1/2 years. Duties included: Complete design, implementation and management of an analytics system based around products instead of pages for various online market places. Developed with PHP, SOAP, memcache, jQuery, mySQL (master/slave environment with 300,000,000+rows), flash and google graphing. Utilizing LAMP based datacenter and EC2 servers. Also assisted in feature building and debugging other products.

Cleveland Public Schools - PC and Network Field Engineer [ 2001-2003 ]
Worked with NOC personnel, IBM contractors and end users to implement updates and assist in maintenance of 50,000+ client MAN network.

CSA Computer Support Associates - IT Consultant [ 2000-2001 ]
Consult with individual and business customers about solutions and implementing the solution. Also conducted first wave cable and DSL broadband installations for the greater Cleveland area.

Pioneer Standard Electronics - PC / Server Build Technician [ 1998-2000 ]
Assemble and configure custom PC and server builds according to customer specifications.

Akron Institute (Herzing University) Network Administration [ 1998-1999 ]
PC and Network Administration - Top of class

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